By Alvin Johnson

Grief Set Free

A Memoir

In Grief Set Free, Alvin Johnson, father, husband, Episcopal priest, explores the shattered fragments of his own soul, a soul crushed by grief following the death of his son Nicholas at age seven. Fr. Johnson asks readers to explore the many pathways of human suffering, sorrow, and restoration. No area of inquiry is off limits as Fr. Johnson plows into the substantial questions of life and faith. In an impatient world with a low threshold for pain, Grief Set Free takes us on a courageous ride through the desperate world of the valley of the shadow of death and towards a life of wild hope and sustaining joy.

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Alvin Johnson

Welcome to this website.  I’m grateful you found your way here and I’m hopeful that in some way what’s offered here helps with you and the path you’re on.  I suspect if you’ve come to this website, it’s because grief has shown up in your life, in your family, in your spirit.  Further, you might be in search of pathways to follow for healing. While many generations have died in my family, the one loss that shattered my way of being took place when my son Nicholas died in 1989.  The recent book I had published, GRIEF SET FREE, has been a story unfolding and growing over many years.   I suspect no one is an expert on grief for anyone but themselves.  The website doesn’t give advice but does offer opportunity.  Besides the book that serves as the focus of this website, you will find other resources that could be helpful.  We all learn differently so if you’re not a reader per se, then perhaps the podcasts or blogs will prove helpful.  There are no experts in grieving.  There are simply people who have suffered substantial and painful loss who seek to heal and grow as a way of honoring life’s lived, life now, and life to come.  


I highly recommend this book…A beautiful, heartbreaking journey of a father’s grief after losing his 7-year-old son to leukemia.

Melissa Buckley


“Grief Set Free” is an exceptionally insightful memoir of the tremendous emotional impact of losing a child.

Timothy Hull


This book speaks with direct soul-baring honesty, without platitudes, and without restraint.

Laurie Michaels